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Monday, Royal Lakeside, Green Fee 900 Baht, Tee Time 10.00, mini bus departs at 08.30

Wednesday, Grenwood, Green Fee 650 Baht, Tee Time 10.00, mini bus departs at 08.30

Friday, Sattahip, Green Fee 650 Baht, Tee Time 10.00. mini bus departs at 08.30

                       *If you wish to play, next week, please sign up in the bar or email me.*



Those golfers who are wishing to play from the forward tee boxes, silver, and are over 70 and a handicap over 20 you may do so, but your handicap will be cut by 20% and you cannot complete in Pattaya Sports Club Competitions until you have submitted 20 cards, you are permitted to play in the bar competitions.



One of our golfers was playing at Phoenix Country Club on Thursday and he was informed that members have been told that from next month ALL golfers have to play with a cart.

I have asked our resident member for his opinion and he said………. Ah!… bleep, bleep, bleep or words to that effect….journalistic license Michael



If GOLFERS wish to play in a four ball could you please inform me before 18.00 the day before play.
If GOLFERS  wish to sign up or remove their name from the sign up sheet please inform me before 18.00 the day before play so if required I can make mini bus number adjustments.
I will be removing the Sign Up Sheet from the bar the day before play.


  Diana Garden Driving Range
As the  golfing residents of Pattaya will know the Driving Range at Diana Garden has been closed for a couple of months, this was due to  high winds which brought the nett and stanchions down. The FREE bus that takes you to the range will now operate at a slightly different timetable and route……some people are going to be very happy with this news…Chris
The bus will leave from the Range on every even hour starting at 08.00 and will follow the same route BUT will turn onto 2nd Road at the Diana Inn and wait beside Festival Shopping Mall for golfers. It will then go along Pattaya Klang and then onto 3rd Road and back to the range, this new arrangement will now give golfers approximately 90 minutes at the range.

Race to Dubai

1) Chris Wright
2) Andy Spence
3) Dave Foulk

There will be changes to next years Race to Dubai format….one idea is to have 12 pools of 5 golfers in each pool and you have to select one golfer from each pool. Another thought is to increase the teams to 14 golfers and the extra two golfers will come from a pool of BANDITS.
If you have any thoughts on the Race please email me.


Pak Chong
Sunday 24th/Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th
Playing 3 games at Khao Yai, Voyage Panorama and Sir James

At the moment I now have  22 people wanting to go  on the trip to Pak Chong and I will this next week be booking the hotel for 20 rooms. Everyone who has said that they are going will receive an email from me informing them if they have a room and that they have to pay 1000 baht deposit for the trip, all of the deposits will be used on transport costs for the trip. No deposits will be returned if you decide not to go. All deposits must be with me 2 weeks before departure, the 10th of November.


            Future Trips

This trip is fast filling up, if you wish to participate you have to inform me asap
Soi Dao
Thursday 2nd – 3rd,
‘The Hangover Trip’
I will soon be provisionally booking 4 tee times for this visit, if you wish to go please inform me asap. If I require more tee times the earlier I know about numbers wishing to play the better chance I will have of getting tee times and accommodation .



* Could all golfers please note, the mini buses will leave from the Sugar Shack Bar and return to the Sugar Shack Bar, there will be NO stopping on the way back for anyone who happens to live on the route back to the bar. Exceptions  only for personal reasons.


Dates for your diary…

Friday 20th,  The Brian Ellis Memorial at Crystal Bay Golf Club
The Ryder Cup, Monday 27th-29th at……
Friday 31st, The Ian Woosnam Individual Championship at ……
Monday 3rd, The 2 man Texas Scramble Championship at…..Bangpakong
Wednesday 5th, The Team Stableford Championship at Greenwood Country Club
Friday 7th, The Sugar Shack Open…4 man Team Scramble at…..Crystal Bay Golf Club

         The HOOTENANNY Golf Day
On Monday 30th of December I have made a booking at Royal Golf, I have booked 8 tee times and they have offered me a two way start, ie 1st and 10th tees. If you wish to play on that day could you please inform me ASAP and if more people wish to play then I will have a chance of increasing the booking. Getting to the course takes 1Hour 15 minutes as was timed by Dave Foulk. When we played the course this week it was in great condition and we played in my opinion the fastest greens that we have played on in a long time. The green fee cost is 1500 Baht each for a group of over 20, I know it is a little bit more expensive than normal but I thought as it is the end of the year and as there is no golf on Wednesday because we will all have a hangover, maybe you would like to play the course. Please contact me ASAP and play in ……………………………………
         The HOOTENANNY Golf Day
(for those who are not civilised i.e nae Scots….

Hootenanny is a Scottish word meaning ‘celebration’ and / or ‘party’)

If you wish to look at the golf course this is their web site


PLEASE NOTE I am taking names of people who wish to play in the Hootenanny and several tee times have gone already.
This event is also filling up fast
I am including November and Decembers Golf Schedule,
I am still trying to get  games at Bangpra and Green Valley, but the usual problem with Green Valley, ‘booking at the beginning of the month’ and when I phone at the beginning of the month they tell me they are full as they decided to open the booking early, arse holes. At Bangpra it is tee time, 11.45 and with the number of groups we will have ….who is going to play last……..

October Golf Schedule

Day Date Course
Tues 1 Mission Hill
Wed 2 Royal Ratchaburi
Mon 7 Bangpakong
Wed 9 Pleasant Valley
Frid 11 Crystal Bay
Mon 14 Bangpra
Wed 16 Khao Kheow
Frid 18 Mountain Shadow
Mon 21 Royal Lakeside
Wed 23 Greenwood
Frid 25 Sattahip
Mon 28 Emerald
Wed 30 Subhapruek



November Golf Schedule

Day Date Course
Frid 1 Century
Mon 4 Bangpakong
Wed 6 Treasure Hill
Frid 8 Mountain Shadow
Mon 11 Greenwood
Wed 13 Royal Lakeside
Frid 15 Crystal Bay
Mon 18 Pleasant Valley
Wed 20 Subhapruek
Frid 22 Green Valley
Mon 25 Khao Yai
Tues 26 Voyage Panorama
Wed 27 Sir James
Frid 29 Sattahip


The Courses and Days at Pak Chong maybe subject to change depending on the deals I can get from the course.

December Golf Schedule


Day Date Course
Mon 2 Bangpakong
Wed 4 Greenwood
Frid 6 Khao Kheow
Mon 9 Pattana
Wed 11 Royal Lakeside
Frid 13 Mountain Shadow
Mon 16 TBA
Wed 18 Subhapruek
Frid 20 Crystal Bay
Mon 23 Pleasant Valley
Wed 25 Xmas Day
Frid 27 Sattahip
Mon 30 Royal Golf



This year we hired the lock up across from the bar, unfortunately we lost money mainly due
to the hike in the monthly fee by the Tattoo Parlour man. This year we have to charge slightly more for the hire.
These prices will start at the beginning of October for those whose rental year is complete.

Monthly 250 Baht

Yearly 2200 Baht




                     for those who like to keep up with the latest news in Thailand……
I have informed you in the past that Thailand has had quite a few train derailments……well we were informed that the true number could be over 100 this year……AND….another one
Another train derailment in Nakhon Ratchasima province has disrupted the Northeastern rail service just as a number of Cabinet members are converging in a nearby province to promote the plan to construct the high-speed railway across the country.

The train, which ran from Bangkok toward Nong Khai province, derailed in Non Sung district, causing the entire Northeastern region rail to halt their services.

No injury or death has been reported. Nevertheless, the incident – merely the latest in the long series of derailments this year – could pose doubts about the safety of the government′s future investments in the kingdom′s railway.


It’s just not the Trains

Chiang Rai interprovincial coach has overturned in Pathum Thani province today, injuring 40 passengers including one individual who was thrown out of the bus.
According to the driver, after the bus departed from Mo Chit terminal it encountered a truck which drifted suddenly into its lane on Phahonyothin Road in Khlong Luang district. The driver said he soon lost control of the coach and plunged it into the roadside ditch.


          NOW WHAT’S FOR LUNCH……..What BUGS

The Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences has disclosed an alarming fact that eating fried insects may cause fatalities due to a chemical substance contained in bugs.
Dr. Aphichat Mongkol, Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences, revealed that a chemical substance called Histamine can be fatal to those who have ingested too much of it.

Mandatory Seatbelts For Inter-provincial Buses
The transport authority in Thailand has announced a new safety measure by requiring all inter-provincial buses to install seatbelts and present safety videos to their passengers on the buses.

The announcement by the Transport Company Limited, a state enterprise operating under Ministry of Transport, is a response to the major road accident in Saraburi province in which 19 people were killed and 30 injured.

From 15 October onwards, every bus operated by Transport Co.Ltd. must install safety belts and provide a short video clip informing the passengers about safety procedures in the same manner of commercial airliners, according to the new regulation.

The clip will also inform the passengers about possible dangers that may occurred if they do not fasten their seatbelts. ***************************************************************
Is this another Police Holiday Scam

Police to tow away illegally parked cars beginning on Oct 21

BANGKOK, 11 October 2013 (NNT) – In a bid to ease traffic congestion, the Metropolitan Police Bureau will begin removing vehicles illegally parked on Bangkok streets on October 21,

Deputy Police chief Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak, who oversees traffic, said the bureau would issue warnings to owners of illegally parked vehicles from October 15-20 before the launch of the campaign.

Parked vehicles which obstruct traffic will be towed away from 10 roads including Lad Prao, Rama 4, Sukhumvit and Vibhavadi.

Owners will be fined up to 500 baht. In addition, they will have to pay 500 baht for the towing fee and 200 baht daily for maintenance fee.

According to the bureau, so far this year 200,000 drivers have been arrested for parking their vehicles in no-parking zones.

More stringent measures will be considered if parking violations continue in the capital.


Microsoft to stop support over 5.7 Million Windows XP-based PCs in Thailand from April 8

Microsoft Friday reminded business and consumers in Thailand with PCs still running Windows XP that it will officially retire service and support for Windows XP in six months’ time, on 8 April 2014.

With half a year left to this crucial milestone, there are over 5.7 million PCs in Thailand, or 28% of PCs in Thailand, which are still running on Windows XP, an 11-year-old operating system no longer capable of handling sophisticated cyber-attacks and demands for more data privacy and productivity.

Thailand has one of the highest Windows XP installed bases in Asia Pacific, according to StatCounter figures for September 2013.

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, non-security related fixes, there won’t be a number to call for technical assistance, or online technical content updates for Windows XP. *******************************************************************

Tourist Police officer stripped of badge over double-homicide shooting

A Phuket Tourist Police officer has been kicked off the force as the prosecutor moves forward in charging him over a double-homicide an a drug den shoot out.

Pinchai Piyadilok, 34 at the time of the shooting, lost a leg as a result of wounds sustained in the gun battle that left Saran Chaithum, 26, and Chalermpol Tripuk, 26, dead (story here).

However, the only bullets and casings found at the scene, an apartment littered with kratom leaves near Phuket Rajabhat University, were fired from Mr Pinchai’s gun, according to the Phuket Forensics Office.

“We have conducted a fair case, and not protected this officer just because he was on the force. If police break the law, then they too will go through the legal process like everyone else,” Do you believe him, said Phuket City Police chief Sermphan Sirikong.



Authorities Target Dangerous Foreign Drivers in Chiang Mai

The chief of the Chiang Mai transport office, Chanchai Kilapaeng, has announced the opening of a special service centre that will help to ensure foreign drivers and those visiting the city abide by the local traffic laws.

The aim of the centre is to try and help reduce the number of accidents caused by foreign tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads and traffic laws in Chiang Mai. Many of these drivers are also unlicensed.
Our traffic expert Mr Ally tells me it’s mainly the Chinese as they stop in the middle of the road to look at their maps.
The plan to introduce the service centre was agreed after multi-agency discussions involving the Chiang Mai transport office, tourist police, traffic police and immigration officials.

During the discussions, Mr Chanchai said the various officials discussed the possibility of introducing measures in order to reduce road traffic accidents and other problems caused on the roads by foreign tourists who are not only unfamiliar with Chiang Mai’s road network, but who also get behind the wheel of a vehicle without having the correct documentation, such as an international driving license
Who Rents these people without proper licenses cars….how stupid of me….The Police
Latest Ford Model….One careful owner


POLICE will propose that all vehicles older than 10 years be kept off Bangkok streets as part of a plan to improve traffic flow, unless they pay the same tax as new vehicles, a senior Metropolitan Police officer said yesterday.

Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in charge of traffic, said city police would propose that the Transport Ministry set up regulations for such a prohibition.

Owners of such cars should be required to pay a yearly vehicle tax at the rate of a new car if they want to continue driving in Bangkok, Adul added.

“It will be required that cars allowed to run in Bangkok should be no older than 10 years. All cars older than that will have to be used in the provinces,” he said.
At present, cars of seven years and older are now subject to 50 per cent less tax than on new cars.

No more details were provided.

Am I becoming cynical when I do these newsletters…..

No way they have decide that this was not a good idea and dangerous vehicles can still use busy roads across Thailand…..



Now where are you playing golf next week loons?


 Hope that you are all well Mike

Lang may yer lum reek!

( May you live long and stay well.)


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